Just what is it what all those tekno people are thinking? And what have they got to say for themselves?? Well, PNPzone was just as anxious as you and in this section we are just to find out about that! Regularly Chantal who is a black belt karate bitch wrecks parties with furious vengeance and she kicks and beats up people. She literally forces them, with violence, to give away in-dept interviews. Keep checking for regular updates.

name: Pilliam
does what: producer, owner of some money laundries and the port of Rotterdam
status: active, installing new washing-machines that can wash money white
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name: Pluggie
does what: producer, owns several coffee-shops, involved in international smuggle
status: writes e-mails from Curacao, where he spents a 7 years sentence in jail
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name: Zionlogisch
does what: producer, land-owner, director of an oil company and very hansom
status: fights government forces in Laos with the LLA
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name: De Mosselman
does what: producer, director of the MPF, Mossel Promotion Front and designs wooden shoes
status: writes a cook-book about mossels
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and even more are to follow....

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