PNP is happy to report back to the frontlines of the Dutch teknocratic art and sounds movement. We returned after two months of forced retreatment.

After these months of silence we found a new home. Since we both studied Interaction Design at the KMT faculty of the HKU we are proud of the fact that the Utrecht School of the Arts provided us a new space. Since the school has meant so much for us in the past and even today, we descided to launch an item on the HKU, which will be on-line soon.

For now, check the Dutch and English versions:

Utrecht school of the art - Interaction Design [dutch]
Utrecht school of the art - Interaction Design [english]

During the in-between months when we were off-line we used our time to
re-arrange the site internally. Something that almost entirely took place behind the curtains. Apart from that you will find several new items. Anyway, we are happy to be back. We keep the spirit alive.

Pluggie and Pilliam, crew