PNP aviation: the future

In early spring 1999 we bought a F-106A from US AMARC stocks. Since we sold the 9-12s we had the financial
oportunity to
go to Davis Monthan in Arizona. After some research work we came across this particular aircraft.

Bearing serial number 90079, making her a fiscal year 59, the a/c had last served with the Arizona ANG at Tucson AFB. This picture was made from an Eagle Aviation Ce.172 flying over the boneyard. Since spraylatted we found her in pristine condition.

We descided to buy her, and thus kept her from being scrapped at the vulture scrap-yards surrounding DM. After being shipped and a lengthy restauration process we brought her to near airworthy condition and so far only did some testing runs with her.

Devoid of all markings she can be seen here during the second engine run at Gilze Rijen. As seen here, her hydraulic system works including the aerial brakes and she wears the proud marks of free tekno and PNP. We hope to have her registered in 2002 and Pilliam hopes to make her maiden flight in may of this year. We hope to have her join the 2002 Dutch Teknival in the early hours on sunday again.

Our biggest dream and restauration project is this huge MiG-25 Foxbat. As Izdeliye 93 MiG-25R-PS-30F-engine-testbed we reserialled her from 992 into 909. Back in 1995 Pluggie found her in the Sukhoi OKB hangar at Zhukovsky before he got arrested. Including her two MiG-31 Foxhound engines we presume she is the same a/c as code "592" and thus the Ye-155MP prototype. Therefore we think she is the MiG-31 prototype and we are extremely proud of owning her.

Her restauration is a lengthy process and even many tools have to be built ourselves.

As you can see here, an inmense amount of work has to be done. Honestly we think we won't financially be able to get her airborne again. Apart from missing her original front section including the Zasslon ('Flanker') radar system, a lot of hydraulic systems are detoriated among an inmense array of other problems. Recently we were able to obtain a MiG-25R nosecone in fairly descent state from the Korvu scrap-yard in Finland.

Nevretheless this sight will forever be our biggest dream: