it was a bright night early that evening september the seventeenth... a history of events of that night....

history of events for 9 users


Date: sept 2001
Location: Delft + Ehv
Method: HTML + JS
Comms: ICQ

9 users?

- It started out with a technical question about users by Hm3rtje teK
- Which got answered the technical way by BioniK
- Millstone
screamed 'is that important' in a big size 7 font

- Here it evolved when BioniK showed the world a stunning HTML coded 999 pixels font shouting out: 'SURE'
- Millstone included two smilies and just said 'show-off !'
- SpaceParanoid smiled at Bionik that the purpose he himself was here for mental rest !
- the world came to see a bigger then screen 1500 HTML coded yellow font by Pluggie screaming 'REALLY KEWL THIS!!!'
- Pluggie stated Bionik his skills, put a beyond recognisition 1 pixels HTML text, and implemented an external bgsound
- That this was going nowhere anymore ! was stated by oozi
- zwetz just laughed
- H3NrY thought this was enough and disabled HTML

- H3NrY after some negociations stated this could be a playground and enabled HTML again
- a small HTML text was made by SpaceParanoid who embarked his first HTML lesson
- Pluggie thanked H3NrY and stated that this was only a creative matter
- then it all became dynamic when BioniK launched the genious 'and the site goes on the beat' vertical script
- RuupY enthousiastically asked if it was possible to fool around with colors and if it was possible to make a caleidoscope
- In the meantime BioniK was quoted and a small error ocurred. SpaceParanoid stated the difficulty of replying :-)
- Pluggie stated UP and DOWN but did not launch 'in the mix' because of the danger with older non-duplex soundcards
- the wizard of Ozz became BioniK himself with his second script, only remarking 'and he can even do that'
- dalunatic emphasizes that he finally saw a creative site, finally in Dutch and without subtitles

- HTML was disabled by the moderator and all scripting emerged as texts.
Which in a way was art since the scripts used very peculiar variables.


And now out to action, THE PLAYGROUND in full flowa, this was how it actually ACTUALLY looked that night !


Or if you are a member check for yourself the now disabled HTML thread at forum and see how it was done.